What Determines the Price of a Lace Front Wig?

As you definitely know, the price of a lace front wig is determined by a variety of factors. It’s not as simple as saying “the higher the price, the better.”

There are numerous types of lace frontal wigs available, such as the honey blonde highlights wig each with a distinct price tag. The following factors influence the price of a lace front wig:

Density of hair

The amount of hair on a wig cap is referred to as “density.” Wigs with thick or full density will have more hair than wigs with poor or scant fill. Although thick wigs appear and feel more natural than thin ones, they are heavier and less pleasant to wear. If you have thin hair, a complete wig may not be worth the money.

Lace Front Cap Design

The most expensive lace fronts have a silk top and are made of two parts: an inner netting cap and outer lace. This is known as a two-part lace front wig. The second most expensive variety is constructed of one piece and is known as a single-piece or mono-top lace front wig. These wigs are less expensive than two-part wigs since they do not require any sewing or glueing during the production process.

Hair Length

The longer your hair, the more money you’ll have to pay for a wig. This makes sense because greater lengths require more material and take longer to produce. For example, an 18″ full wig will cost more than an 18″ short wig since it requires more material to make it longer. There are some exceptions to this rule; wigs come in a variety of lengths, so there’s no need to pay extra for long tresses if you don’t want them!

Brand of Wig

The price of lace front wigs is determined by the wig’s brand. Lace Wigs by Vivica Fox and Noriko are among the most popular brands. These companies have spent a significant amount of time and effort developing high-quality items at reasonable costs for their clients. Other wig brands may not have the same degree of quality or features as these two companies, hence they charge a higher price for their wigs.

Profit Margins & Promotions

Some merchants provide deals on their lace front wigs in order to attract new consumers and enhance sales volume from recurring customers searching for something fresh. These campaigns feature discounts and free gifts with purchase, such as beauty brushes or hair appliances like curling irons or flat irons. However, the price of these components will not affect the price of your lace front wig because merchants frequently make up for these losses with larger margins on other products such as apparel or jewellery.


So, whatever class of lace front wig you need, you must know their pricing varies from one seller to another. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that an overly expensive wig is the best quality. With todays forgery and clown acts in almost everything, you’ll need to look out and ensure apart from the high price, you also consider every other need and expected styling designs you have for the wave.