What is Door Lock Actuator and How Much Does It Cost for Replacement?

In cars, there is a door-locking system attached to every door. The component that helps to lock or unlock the doors is called the door lock actuator. You just need to do a little effort on the doorknob of the door and it will open the car door for you. This opening of the door depends upon the proper functioning of the door lock actuator. In old cars, there came the manual door locking system but now it is coming in the automatic form.

The manual door lock uses only the keys to open the door but the automatic door lock system contains keys plus the sensors to open the door. The keys have been replaced by the remote controllers get link coupon to know more about the door lock actuator and how much it cost to replace it.

Working of the door lock actuator

The working of the car door lock actuator depends upon the battery of the car. It requires power to operate. This system is valid only for automatic door lock actuators rather than manual locking systems. As automatic door lock systems contain the sensors or the alarm system that needs the power to operate. That’s why they are also called power door lock actuators.

It consists of the pistons that push the rod upward and are responsible for its downward position. The automatic door-look actuators are handled by the remotes. You press the key fob button, it sends signals to the relevant sensor and it opens or closes the door for you.


It requires a power source like a battery to operate properly. That’s why if your battery is dead then it is of no use. You should check the battery before going outside or must have some other power source.

Replacement cost of the lock actuator

The replacement cost of the door lock actuator system depends upon the factors like the part you are going to replace, your vehicle’s type, and the model and door you want to change. The labor will also affect your budget.

Normally the cost will fall anywhere between 200$ to the higher of 400$. It can be up or low as consider the factors. The labor cost will be anywhere between 80$ to 150$. It will take them to replace the door lock actuator in one or a maximum of two hours. So you should expect a high labor cost to pay.

Why does it need a replacement?

Failing the door lock actuator is common. But it occurs due to some reasons that you can avoid to save the replacement and the cost it will take too.

It consists of an electric motor. Any connection with the water or the moisture will affect it and leads to corrosion that will disrupt the power supply and it will start giving the error. The dirt or the other hard material will also make a layer on the pistons, and the parts that involve in their movement, which create hurdles.

Any exposure to accidents or when someone tries to unlock the door with the remote will also damage the lock actuator. Choosing a good budget for the door lock system will also save you money as it will protect your belongings and the car from stealers. Visit the mechanic for inspection while going for a replacement.


Door lock actuators are the device responsible for the locking or unlocking of your vehicle. It uses a battery or a power source to operate. It will cost you from 200$ to 400$ in replacement costs depending upon the car models and labor costs.